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Insider Threat & "A-Symmetrical" Attack Mitigation  ​​

Dynamic Force Protection Methodology

A military deployment, a suspicious boat...
        a new dynamic security protocol 

"Maybe they are really ...

 ...watching us?"

"A-Symmetrical" Threat Advantage

Anyone who served in the military in a hostile area of operations as an open target for attack will testify to the unsettling feeling that a vehicle, vessel or individual may give off, that just doesn't sit right to the observer.

What became clear about this boat was its vantage point to watch US Naval Security Forces at work. "While we were watching out for threats... they were watching us".  The advantage owned by "A-symmetrical" attackers became readily apparent. In plotting an attack, nefarious individuals own the high ground in being able to observe and predict how "static", linear security reacts to perceived threats. Thus "reactive" security sits at a major disadvantage to "A-symmetrical" attackers who have already calculated and  factored in their movements, tactics and responses to their attack plan.   

How Traditional Security is Disadvantaged  

"Static" physical security is severely disadvantaged when their first movement against threat is reacting to an attack in progress or threats of actuality. While the "A-symmetrical" attacker is sure of his motives and agenda, "static", reactive, physical security is burdened with the task of deciphering  the  intent of the individual or action as one of deliberate hostility or mere coincidence. In many instances the lag of decisive action to counter a threat is too late and proves the slight advantage needed by an "A-Symmetrical" attacker to carry out a successful attack.  

Dynamic & Proactive Security 

To counter an "A-Symmetrical attack", traditional security has to become "dynamic" and therefore proactive, continuously adjusting in real time to the parameters of an attack, gaining the upper-hand over "A-Symmetrical" threat. Static security protocols, whether aimed to protect information, personnel, infrastructure or perimeter security must always be coupled with "dynamic" security capabilities, measures and protocols to effectively counter  "A-Symmetrical" threat.

"Dynamic Force Protection Methodology" combines and utilizes the philosophical principles of the existing disciplines of traditional security, surveillance detection, intelligence, counter intelligence and counter-terrorism and employs them as a coherent dynamic security protocol.   "Dynamic Force Protection Methodology" identifies, measures and quantifies the parameters of an "A-Symmetrical" attack thus providing the foundation for the development of  effective counter measures.   

In today's complex and quickly evolving threat enviornment, traditional linear static security is simply not enough to counter "A-Symmetrical" threat. Dynamic Force Protection methodology is the exclusive dynamic capability developed by Contact-6 to provide effective solutions to counter "A-symmetrical" threat.