Strategic Security Consulting  

Insider Threat & "A-Symmetrical" Attack Mitigation  ​​

Our Services
  1. Education & Training
    Contact-6 provides in depth education and training for your institutional workforce on how to understand and identify subversive behaviors and "A-symmetrical" threats.
  2. Research & Intelligence
    Contact-6 provides your institution with in depth & detailed, industry-specific, security related research and intelligence. Contact-6 provides facts and answers to security related questions and concerns.
  3. Threat Assessment & Risk Profiling
    Contact-6 performs in depth analysis of your institutions risk through criticality and vulnerability assessments. We identify your institutions out critical and most vulnerable weaknesses in your security posture.
  4. Protocol & Plan Development
    Contact-6 provides strategic solutions in observable fact based recommendations gained from threat assessment and works in a cooperative effort to develop effective protocols and plans to counter "A-Symmetrical threat".